I love bacon. As a matter of fact, I don't think in my lifetime, I have met anyone who doesn't love bacon (vegetarians, aside). 

But, according to a recent survey conducted by Zagat's, the 'all things bacon' trend is on the decline. The survey suggest only 28% of people, nationwide still love bacon everything. I, for one, don't believe this can possibly be true. I mean, it's bacon.

On the other hand, I do believe the research when they show the number of Kale lovers is on the decrease.

Getty Images Justin Sullivan

The same survey showed, across the nation that people are jumping off the Kale bandwagon. Just 27% of diners still enjoy the salad bar garnish-turned-trendy leafy green.

Back to bacon, whether it's 'center cut,' 'thick cut' 'maple flavored' or even 'Kevin,' I will forever be a fan of bacon.



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