New Hampshire native, Sarah Silverman caused some social media waves recently when she posted a tweet about believe it or not...the color of bras!

As you many know, Silverman, who was raised in the Granite State is a stand-up comedian, producer, writer and actress touches upon some taboo topics such as sexism, racism and politics. However, her recent tweet about women's undergarments got thousands upon thousands of people in an uproar.

Just a heads up: She uses some vulgar language in the tweet (as she does with most of her stand-up routines), so you may want to make sure when you're reading it, your boss or your children are far away from your computer!

Sarah Silverman's March 15th tweet: 
I can’t fucking believe there are still “nude” bras & nylons & BAND AIDS- if you are a company still using NUDE to describe an exclusively caucasian shade in 20motherfucking19 you need to CHANGE NOW or go tha way of zee dinosaur, Babee.

Feel free to read the comments in her Twitter post below. She acutally replies to some of the people.

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