You know the Kevin Bacon “Six Degrees of Separation” game right?  The concept is that each of us is linked by six or less people.  To play, you name an actor and see if you can link them to Kevin Bacon in six or less people.

Well, Bacon is now using that game to help advocate for social distancing.  The actor posted on his Facebook page asking people to stay home.  Bacon says that he’s staying home “because it saves lives and it’s the only way we’re going to slow the Coronavirus down.”  He says he’s staying home for his wife Kyra Sedgwick and wants to know WHO you’re staying home for?


Bacon is encouraging people to tag six friends that they are trying to protect by social distancing. He wants you to use the hashtag #IStayHomeFor so he can share the posts.

Bacon added “the more folks the merrier.  We’re all connected by various degrees…let’s use this Six Degree thing to do some good.”

So, let us know, WHO are YOU staying home for?

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