One of the many industries hit hard by Covid-19 is fishing.  Commercial fishermen are usually delivering boatloads of fish to wholesalers and restaurants this time of year.  So they decided to come up with a creative solution.

WBZ Channel 4 is reporting that the fishing community in Portsmouth is delivering their product directly to the customer.  A group of fishermen created a Facebook page for the boat Mary Baker.

So, how does it work?  Customers can go to the Facebook page and look to see when the boat will be going out next.  When that happens, their will be a new post where you can reserve your lobster!

New Hampshire Community Seafood General Manager Andrea Tomlinson tells WBZ 4 that this is a safe way to get your product since "it travels through only one set of hands, the sternman".

Once the boat is headed back, customers who placed their order will line up (six feet apart!) on the dock to pick up their catch!

This is just one example of how commercial fishermen are trying to keep afloat in these difficult times.

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