With less people out and about, it sure does seem like animals are enjoying nature a little more.  I definitely am noticing a lot more wildlife sightings in places I wouldn't normally expect.

That was the case for Colleen Wilson who came across a herd of deer frolicking at Weirs Beach.  They looked like they were having a great time!

Colleen is a photographer and says that she gets up early every morning to take pictures before sunrise.  Lately she's been going to Weirs Beach where she's been able to find a bunch of great subjects like loons, Canadian geese, common mergansers & barn swallows.

Colleen says she was disappointed to not see the birds but as she was getting ready to leave she noticed movement in the water. Thinking it might be an otter she decided to stick around.

She was able to get a closer look, and realized it was a herd of deer, just out for a leisurely swim at the beach!  Colleen said she was disappointed they were so far away so she couldn't get some better shots, but I think these are pretty darn good.

courtesy: Colleen Phaedra Photography

Hope they brought their sunscreen!

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