Going to get ice cream at an ice cream stand is one of those monumental occasions that marks the unofficial beginning of Spring in New England. A lot of us haven't been able to do this yet because stay at home orders. And so many of our favorite spots delayed their opening due to Coronavirus!

I have mad respect (as the kids say) for Lago's in Rye, New Hampshire. They opened on March 23rd and have done an excellent job following guidelines and keeping their customers safe during this crazy time

They have also managed to create some excitement and hype over a new ice cream flavor and I am here for it. What a fantastic distraction! The flavor is called "Funky Panda" and it is sweeping the Seacoast. The first batch sold out so fast they had to whip up more for today. Like a hot new album, the new batch dropped at noon.

Funky Panda is Oreo ice cream with toasted coconut and a caramel swirl. It is a flavor so remarkable, it even has the lactose intolerant screaming for more ice scream.

Leave it to Lago's to create an innovative ice cream flavor that is totally worth leaving the house for. Grab your mask and enjoy this brand new limited time batch. They suspect it will run out but this evening so you better get going!

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