Two teens in Texas are going to prom together, thanks to George Strait. The King didn't know he was lending Jake Koppelman a hand last weekend as he rolled out his plan to invite Cheyenne Cavanaugh to prom. But without his help ... who knows?

Koppelman tells Taste of Country he came up with the "I think this is how PROM goes" idea about a year ago, basing it on Strait's "Check or No" hit from 1995. It stuck with him. The Oak Ridge High School (Conroe, Texas) senior started dating Cavanaugh in December, and when it came time to ask her to the big dance, he knew he had his chance to execute a well-crafted plan (with the help of some family — "Team Koppelman").

"My dad bought the materials and my wonderful mom and 16-year old sister handled the painting and writing," Jake Koppelman says, adding that his friend Dylan also stepped up. The family had plans to travel to College Station, Texas for a Texas A&M baseball game, but Jake and Cheyenne trailed them by about 15 minutes. When they caught up, the setting was perfect to not only ask her to prom, but to recreate a photo of Jake and his sister in a field of bluebonnets from when they were little.

"I snuck away to go get the posters, and when I came back, she had a face of complete surprise and joy," Koppelman says. "Safe to say, we took far more pictures than Cheyenne thought we would in those bluebonnets!"

Of course, both teens are big fans of Strait, with Koppelman's favorite song being "If It Wasn't for Texas" and Cavanaugh's being "Carrying Your Love With Me." Flip through the photos to see the signs and the high school junior's reaction to her boyfriend's surprise. After prom, Koppleman will graduate and looks forward to attending Texas A&M in the fall. Cavanaugh is committed to playing softball at Belmont University in Nashville after she graduates.

Special thanks to to Country 106.5 WYRK-FM morning show host Clay Moden for first sharing the photos with Taste of Country.

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