When you’ve built up the kind of life experience George Strait has, you learn a thing or two about what’s really important. To the country legend, it’s all about relationships. Strait shares these sentiments in a new Walmart commercial for his album Cold Beer Conversation.

The clip features a voiceover of Strait talking about what really matters in life, more than “political persuasions” or “the latest gadget you can fit in your pocket.”

"Life is about the relationships you make, some out of love, and some out of hard work, and some that are simply worthy of a little conversation,” he says.

Strait is shown spending quality time on a farm riding horses with his son, Bubba, and later interacting with his grandson, Harvey. All three, of course, wearing matching black cowboy hats.

The announcement of Strait's new record came just days prior to its release on Sept. 25. It’s now available on Apple Music and exclusively in stores at Walmart. Though Strait has retired from touring, he'll play a series of shows at the Las Vegas arena in 2016.

Strait is clearly a proponent of preserving the simpler things in life, but the artist has embraced much of today’s new approaches to making and promoting music. For his album launch, he opened a popup shop in downtown Nashville and even partnered with Internet radio site Pandora to create a special playlist called the "Strait to Vegas Mixtape” featuring songs from the artist as well as his biggest influences.

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