It's hard to believe another ice cream season at Cowlicks Dairy Bar is about to come to an end. Though the end of ice cream season feels like a dagger to my heart, Cowlicks has served up a lot of happiness this season. They brought us lot's of new exciting flavors, like bubble confetti!

They served plenty of Dole Whips which are so good for you it's practically like eating fruit!

And did you get to try their coffee soft serve? It was available only for a limited time!

Then there was the day the scoopers surprised Cowlick's owner, Lisa. She has owned and run their location for 35 years. Happy anniversary, Lisa!

Thank you Cowlicks for another great season of serving up happiness by the scoop. This calls for one last delicious hurrah! If you want to partake in a farewell cone (or cup) their last day of the season is this Sunday, Septemeber 22nd.

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