Are you ready for some Football?


Watching a Patriots Football game at Gillette Stadium is going to get a lot more exciting in 2023. This will mark the first major renovation of the stadium since it opened in 2002.  According to, the total cost of the massive renovations will cost a whopping $225 million.  Football has been very good to the Kraft family.  The Kraft family has been a good partner for the community in return.  Who can forget them using the team plane to bring in all that personal protective equipment when we needed it during the beginning of the pandemic?


Planned Improvements


Technology has come a long way since those first giant video boards went up in various stadiums around the country.  Gillette Stadium is planning to install a high-definition video board that measures 370 feet by 60 feet.  No more straining your eyes to watch those instant replays.  Holy Cow that’s a big television!  The video board is reported to be the largest high-definition video board in the United States according to  In addition to instant replays, you can catch up on your fantasy football updates and stats on the board.


Lighthouse Makeover


I’m kind of a traditionalist.  I’m not sure how happy I am that they are planning to makeover the lighthouse that is on the north entrance of the stadium. The new lighthouse will be 218-feet tall, and you will be able to go up to the observation deck year-round. I will miss the old lighthouse.  They are going to significantly improve the north entrance with glass-enclosed year-round hospitality and function spaces.  I would love to attend a game at the new stadium next year.



Since we are talking about the Patriots

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