Prescott Park Arts Festival is gearing up for the summer again. PPAF board chair Joh Tabor has announced the first of two musicals slated for this summer. The first will be “School of Rock” which according to he describes as “a heartwarming story of the power that rock music has to inspire us.”

Sure to be a hit with those attending, the “School of Rock” is based in the 2003 film of the same name. “If you’ve ever felt the energy that music releases in you and your friends, especially when you were a kid, and even now as an adult, you’ll love School of Rock,” says Tabor.

The second musical they will be performing has not yet be announced but John Tabor hinted in the article that its “a Tony-Award winning musical.” It will be announced in May of this year. Prescott Park also produces a series of concerts. The events are on a donation basis so you pay what you can to support the arts. Those attending can pay to reserve tables or blankets in advance if you want to ensure great seating. Prescott Park also offers advance and season-long memberships. For more info, see Let’s get out there, enjoy great performances and support the arts.


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