There are a lot of people going to work every day, despite the complicated time we are in right now.  Essential workers are trying to practice social distancing but still have to get up every day and go in to keep this world running.

So, how do you say thank you? Well, an event is taking place tomorrow to do just that.  "Clap Because We Care' will happen tomorrow across the country. reports that members of the city council in Portsmouth are encouraging everyone to participate Friday night.

Mayor Rick Becksted tells that his family will be clapping from his home and hopes the community will join in.  This event will take place across the country at 7pm.

So, if you're inside tomorrow night, please open your door and start clapping and cheering to show your support for all essential workers including health care, postal workers, firefighters, police officers, teachers, public works employees, grocery and more!

We'll be clapping right there along with you!


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