Thrift Stores in Maine

Growing up, I thought I was chained to the Falmouth Goodwill. I didn’t know other thrift stores existed, I never went looking, and I never really thought much about it. When I needed something, my mom brought me to the Falmouth location. Once I was able to drive, I expanded my horizons and started splitting my thrift time between Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Having grown up in North Yarmouth, I never spent a lot of time in Portland outside of a day trip to The Maine Mall. Now that I’m an independent adult back in my favorite city, my world has opened up and I am now aware of and in love with all the thrift stores that Southern Maine has to offer.

I am not making this up, as I type this right now I am wearing clothes head-to-toe from various thrift stores around our state. I have a pair of Vans I spent $20 on at Plato’s Closet that look brand new; a long-sleeved shirt I copped from Threads of Hope, and a killer pair of black jeans I scored at Find in Portland.

I’ve always been an extremely frugal gal but I am utterly obsessed with clothes, shoes, accessories, and pulling an outfit together. I especially love dressing for a theme. But as someone who doesn’t want to and can’t really afford to spend extra money on these things, I rely on consignment shops. Plus, it’s a sustainable act that combats the harsh, negative effects of fast fashion.

Someone else’s “nay” could be your “yay” and the clothes people give away can become your new treasure.

Have you heard of the thrift stores I mentioned above? Are you looking for new spots to peruse? I’m always on the lookout for a good thrift store, so here’s a list of consignment stores around the Southern Maine area:

Get Your Thrift On At These 17 Consignment Shops in Southern Maine

Thrift stores around Southern Maine for all your resale needs.

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