Voters are being told to 'wait for a paved spot' in one community.

Rain yesterday. Showers today, and guess what? More wet weather tomorrow. However, that's not stopping voters from turning out in droves today. Judging by the number of "I voted" sticker selfies on social media, everyone's out voting today. In fact, parking lots are overflowed, and all-wheel drive is recommended. In Kittery, Me, vehicles are getting stuck in the mud.

According to WMUR ABC 9, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner predicts that 540,000 ballots will be cast. "It's interesting. The last four midterms have all been between 400 and 500. And then the three before that were all between 300 and 400. And then you go to about 40 years when they were all between two and 300,” Gardner said.

People were lined up as the polls opened at 6am. The final polls close at 8 p.m., and then results will begin rolling in.



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