Now, normally when you hear a fishing story, you may want to take it with a grain of salt.  Those stories seem to get bigger and better over the years and by the tenth telling of them, the fish has become enormous.

Well, three fishermen from Gloucester, MA, have a very legitimate fishing tale to tell!

Capt. Dan Smith and his crew, Kyle Falle and Jim McCormack were fishing a mile off Provincetown last month when they felt something really big on the end of their lines.

According to WCVB Channel 5,  they originally thought a shark had bitten on to the line.  After about half an hour of struggling, they realized this was no shark.

It was actually a a 10-foot, 1,000-pound giant bluefin tuna!

Captain Smith and his crew are just teenagers, so this will be a great story to tell for years to come!

McCormack tells WCVB 5 that this was "the biggest adrenaline rush and they were going crazy!"

Falle says that "it looked like a surfboard going across the water,"  according to the news station, and he says they knew it was big but had no idea that it would turn out to be more than 1,000 pounds!

The tuna was so big that you can actually hear the boat creaking and groaning as they are trying to haul it aboard!

The teens ended up selling the fish and it will most likely end up overseas, according to WCVB.

It's great that they have video and pictures of their enormous haul otherwise i think most people would just think this is a tall tale!


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