Later this month, the seacoast's most popular beach will have a different look.

According to Seacoast Online, August 26th will bring another round of Go Topless Day to Hampton Beach. If you're first reaction is to think this isn't a big deal, organizers would call their plight a success. Kia Sinclair, who for the past three years has encouraged and advocated for women to remove their tops in public places like the beach, said she plans to enjoy a low-key day at Hampton Beach.

This event is part of a  movement called Free The Nipple, which according to Seacoast online "originated with a movie of the same name that spotlighted a belief that the female nipple should not be sexualized."

The first year Go Topless Day was celebrated was met with some resistance, but found more acceptance the following year. Sinclair reported to Seacoast Online “I don’t notice many people becoming angry and focusing on it like they did the first year. That is exactly what we want.”

FMI on Free The Nipple, click here.


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