If that first 'Godzilla' trailer didn't get you pumped enough for the new movie, and if the fact that Walter White looks positively scared s---less in it didn't pump you up even more, the latest trailer for the film should just about push you over.

Too bad we still have two whole months before the movie comes out on May 16. Because we really don't think we can wait that long.

In the latest two-minute clip, titled the 'International Trailer,' some new scenes emerge of star Bryan Cranston, co-star Godzilla and the damage done by the big, angry reptile. Some of the scenes are just extensions of what we've seen before, but they put things in perspective as far as what we can expect from the film.

We're guessing (and hoping) that will include lots and lots of Godzilla-size destruction and cities in ruins. And fingers crossed that the brief shot of a pair of starry-eyed lovers will take up only a second or two of screen time ... before Godzilla's big-ass foot crushes them.

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