A good samaritan came to the rescue in Gosling Meadows in Portsmouth.

Ed Brown was working a few houses down when he noticed a porch fire.  Brown owns Spots For Lots which is a seal coating and crack repair business.  He happened to be in the Gosling Meadows neighborhood when he saw the flames.

Brown told me that he immediately went to his truck where he keeps a fire extinguisher.   When he got to the house,part of the porch was already lit up and the eaves and awning were catching fie as well.

Brown was able to get about 90% of the fire out. While he was doing that, some other neighbors came out and Brown had them knock on the apartment doors to make sure everyone was out.

He also knocked on the apartment that occupied the right side of the house and had those tenants exit through the back.

Brown says the Portsmouth Fire Department arrived quickly, although he said that in those circumstances even five minutes feels like an hour!

Brown said that the holiday decorations on the porch were burned, as well as some of the railing and part of the roof.

Thanks to his quick actions, no one was hurt in the fire and it was contained to just that small section.

I love that not only did Brown have the fire extinguisher ready to go in his truck, but he jumped into action to help complete strangers!

Way to go, Ed!


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