According to the Conway Sun, per an executive order from Governor Sununu, campgrounds have been listed as an essential business.

Steve Solomon is the Fire Chief of Conway and is among the many who are feeling confused and concerned about this order. According the paper Solomon said:

“There are at least 11 campgrounds in the Mount Washington Valley, so that means that literally thousands of people from Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York can now come here. .... We pretty much got told, too bad, it’s happening.”

Solomon goes on to explain that the concern doesn't lie with out of staters staying on the campgrounds and quarantining for 14 days. It's when they will inevitably head into towns for gas, pharmacies, groceries stores, that presents a risk.

Law enforcement and rescue personnel have started a campaign in hopes to get Governor Sununu to change his order.

Do you think opening the campgrounds is a bad idea?

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