Jessica Grella took to the Happenings Around Manchester NH Facebook page to spread the good word about NH Cocoa Bombs! So what's in a cocoa bomb? The people are dying to know! And by the people, I am referring to myself. Well the exact recipe is top secret but we do know that these treats are gluten free. Some are made with chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow and according to my research there were mint chocolate ones last year.

Jocie on Facebook asked:

 Are they a soft cream/ganache type of filling or are they solid?

Good question, Jocie! Jessica responded:

the formula we have created inside is a blend of dedicated ingredients which melts perfectly with the very simple instructions provided!


People are already getting their orders in so if you want to get your loved ones bombs of chocolaty goodness for Christmas, you must act fast! Last year, HUNDREDS of cocoa bombs were sold. Jessica and her team are looking forward to bringing even more family and holiday fun to the people of New Hampshire this year.

2020 has been a doozy so let's finish it off with some tasty treats. Jessica promises tons of flavors, great prices and they even have cocoa bomb gift sets available with mugs. Visit Presto Craft Kitchen on Facebook for more details or just pop into their store on 168 Amory Street in Manchester.

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