It appears that beach season is nearly upon us.  I have my sunscreen, beach towel, beach chair, and cooler all set to go.  Mostly because for me, beach season is year-round.  I find the beaches offseason are just as wonderful.  I don’t surf so the water temp is never an issue.

I just like to watch the waves; I do like to make sure I am not going to get a parking ticket.  Nothing ruins a day at the beach more than a parking ticket.

Salisbury Seasonal Beach Passes/Weekly Beach Passes/Overnight Passes on Sale NOW

If you are planning on a trip down to Salisbury, Massachusetts, you will be happy to know that according to a recent tweet by the Town of Salisbury I noticed that those beach passes are on sale as of April 12. Get ready and plan ahead.

What’s New For New Hampshire Parks This Year

There is something that may be new for visitors that didn’t venture out due to the pandemic last year.  My wife and I were all set for a socially distanced hike in the woods last summer and headed up to Flume Gorge at Franconia Notch State Park.  When we arrived, we learned that you needed to book reservations in advance.

We took another trial and booked our tickets for the next day but if you are planning your outings it’s something to keep in mind.

Since the procedure was to make reservations online in advance was implemented due to COVID-19, it also had the added benefit of easing park overcapacity issues.

Since the NH State Parks started the online, in advance reservation system, they noticed how helpful it was to get more people to enjoy the parks.  Now instead of a park filling up in the first couple of hours and some guests being turned away, you can make a reservation and pretty much guarantee your spot and know that it won’t be overly crowded.

So If you are planning on visiting the Seacoast or other NH State Parks, check the website ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment.

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