It’s an all too familiar tale: NFL legends and MLB superstars making crazy money during their playing days and ending up broke.

The Gronkowski brothers are putting a spin on that tale and talking and sharing about what makes them financially successful off the field.

According to, retirement has been very, very good to Rob Gronkowski, and he and his brothers went to the Harvard Business School for a presentation.

Turns out, he got great financial advice early on and did not spend any of his insanely high $54 million contact money that he received from the New England Patriots and instead lived off his marketing income, according to the news article.

The Gronk penned a book with his agent Jason Rosenhaus about the financial steps he took early on to secure his future entitled “It’s GOOD to Be GRONK.”

The best advice the brothers handed out to the Harvard Business School students was “the importance of not compromising on who you are” and being “authentic,” per the article on their presentation from

Looks like the future is so bright the Gronk brothers will all be wearing shades.

Maybe the best part of the lecture was when the students were treated to a workout with the three brothers. It’s so refreshing to see such a tight-knit relationship among brothers.

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