2020 has been an unbelievable year, so it wouldn't surprise me if we actually got snow.  It did look like a blanket of the white stuff was covering the ground, but it was actually hail!

WBZ 4 is reporting that hail was so bad in Sanford, ME that they had to actually break out the plows in a few areas!

At Marc Motors in Sanford, they had a couple of trucks trying to clear the lots.

The hail was as big as a quarter in some areas and caused damage to about 900 cars, according to WBZ 4.

 News Center Maine says the hail storm left every vehicle in the Marc Motors' lot in Sanford damaged, according to the company's vice president.

The hail looked like a coating of snow with some pieces reaching almost 2 inches in diameter.

News Center Maine reports that this is being caused by a "large upper-level low spinning through New England."

I was curious why this hale comes down so hard in the summer months.

According to WeatherBug, hale is caused when the temperature gets warm and wet.  The droplets go so high in the atmosphere that they end up freezing.  Once they get big enough, they can start hurtling toward Earth.

Weather Bug used more more scientific terms!

"Hail is most common in mid-latitudes during early summer where surface temperatures are warm enough to promote the instability associated with strong thunderstorms, but the upper atmosphere is still cool enough to support ice."






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