Mrs. Dolittle's Bath House in Hampton has closed. This comes after some legal trouble for owner Beth Bessemer who had been a groomer in Hampton, New Hampshire for over 24 years.

Credit Hampton PD
Credit Hampton PD

You may remember earlier this year, our News Director Don Briand reported that Hampton police began their investigation into Bessemer after receiving a complaint from a woman who alleged her dog had died over the summer while in the care of the groomer. Bessemer was arrested once again for bail violations in connection to the initial charges. Bessemer had been arrested on two counts of Cruelty to Animals in connection with the death of a dog that was in her care in June. Then in October, Hampton police said Bessemer knowingly violated her bail order by having customers pets in her custody unsupervised and failed to post copies of criminal complaints as directed by the court.

The building that housed Mrs. Dolilttle's Bath House on Lafayette Road in Hampton has been completely stripped of any signage and is currently vacant.

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