Just recently, a restaurant in Hampton, New Hampshire underwent some pretty big changes. But, apparently, it wasn't enough to keep them in business.

The popular Ron Jillian's, which was located at 853 Lafayette Road had re-branded itself to 'Revel 853' back in May. The owner, Rosemary Blouin re-worked the menu, updated the decor and overall style of the restaurant.

While Ron Jillian's focused on Italian dishes, 'Revel 853' featured an array of Mediterranean, Asian and other items, as well as keeping some of the best-selling RJ's items.

I went there the first weekend it opened as 'Revel 853.' It was classy, upscale and very reasonably priced. It's family-friendly too, as there were several families enjoying their dinner while we devoured ours!

However, I've noticed that the sign outside of the restaurant has been empty for a while and I got curious. So, I called their phone number and it is true that 'Revel 853' is closed for good.

They are hoping to find a new owner that would be willing to come and take over the space, but for now, another restaurant on Lafayette Road has closed their doors.

Revel 853

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