We're not biased at all, but Happy Gilmore is one of the greatest movies Adam Sandler has ever made.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Happy Gilmore is actually Sandler's 10th greatest film, but I think it should go WAY higher.

After its release in 1996, a lot of Adam Sandler and Happy Gilmore fans wanted more from the hilarious golf and hockey player crossover movie.

Well, after almost 30 years, a sequel is set to be produced.

According to a People article, Adam Sandler broke the news to one of his costars in the most Adam Sandler way.

Instead of calling him to present the idea, talk with others, or go public himself, the Sandman simply tossed a draft of Happy Gilmore 2 to Christopher McDonald (who plays Shooter McGavin).

He only said, "How about that?", as he tossed McDonald the Happy Gilmore 2 draft. Classic Sandman.

The film will reportedly debut on Netflix, according to a Splash Film article.

Now, Adam Sandler has NOT come out and confirmed this. However, the story did come from Christopher McDonald, who is a pretty reliable source.

After some digging on Netflix, there is no solid confirmation from their end, either.

BUT. Netflix and Sandler have been building a strong report over the past few years, so the streaming service does make sense. Some of Sandler's highest-ranking films were through Netflix, including Spaceman, Hustle, and You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

Until we get a confirmation from Adam Sandler and Netflix, this could all be speculation, if you choose to believe that.

Again, based on WHO the initial news came from (costar Christopher McDonald) and the enormous list of sites that are declaring it to be a Netflix film, I am choosing to believe it.

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