Of course this is assuming you have a boss who you feel is worthy of your appreciation. I am lucky enough to have three bosses that are very good to me! And I am not just saying that because they might be reading this... 

Here are a few ways you can score some brownie points with your boss man or lady today :)

Treat him or her to lunch OR bring in a snack just for them - The way to your bosses heart is through their stomach..I know my boss adores doughnuts so I should probably make a Dunkin run later.

Leave a handwritten note on their desk - something from the heart! A specific reason why you are grateful for them. The generic "YOU'RE THE BEST BOSS" isn't always genuine.

Sing your bosses praises to his/her boss- chances are your boss has a boss too! You never think to let your bosses boss know how they are doing but that kind of positive feedback could go a long way!

Make a donation- Find a cause your boss is passionate about and make a donation in his/her name. This shows that you pay attention to the things your boss cares about.

Support his/her hobbies - This is extremely thoughtful and you don't have to spend a ton of money on it either. For example if you know they are into hiking, give them a book of the greatest trails in the country.

Here are some other great ideas to show your boss how much you appreciate them! How to celebrate your boss like a boss. 

Happy National Boss's Day to all the wonderful bosses out there!