"Being a parent is the most difficult job you'll ever love." That's how my Uncle Charlie wrapped up his words of advice on being a dad. Seventeen years later, I wish I had paid more attention to all the stuff he said before that.

Bill Fox, Townsquare Media

Being a dad is a lot more work than I ever anticipated. Oh sure I read all those books on how to be a good dad. But no book ever written can prepare you for the real thing. I mean really...how does a book accurately describe the first time someone vomits in your mouth? Or the panic of getting to work and realizing you have baby poop caked on the side of your pants? Oh yeah...that really happened.

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No book or parenting video can get you ready for that...or any or any of the other half million things that you worry about on a daily basis. And that's just when they're an infant. I'm not going to mention the toddler years, the first day of school anxiety (on my part)...and we sure aren't going to get into puberty, high school, driving, or all the changes that happen when you become a single dad raising a teenage boy. I'm a wreck just thinking about all of that.

So when I ran across this video, it took me back to the simpler times. And those rare
moments when I actually got it right. According to the dailydim.com, the baby's mom had a hard time getting her baby to eat his veggies. However, his dad never had a problem. Now we know his secret.

So from one dad to another...I say, thanks. Thanks for making dads everywhere look good.

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