If you fear Great White Sharks, prepare yourself to look at this photo.  What a close call!  WHDH 7NewsBoston shared the story and photo taken by John Mault of surfer Deven Zimmerman.  A picture says 10,000 words but this left me speechless. Can you imagine?


So, what would be worse?  Coming back to the beach after a nice surfboard session and seeing the photo or spotting the shark in the water while you are still out there?  Deven Zimmerman had his wits about him and saw the fin.  With the Great White Shark, no more than 10 feet away from him, he says he tried to stay calm and get back to shore.  “It kept on swimming by and then I kind of tried to figure out how to get back to the beach without causing too much of a commotion in the water” 7NewsBoston quotes Zimmerman’s take on the incident which took place off Nauset Beach.


What an amazing photo.  Please remember, this is still peak season for Great White Shark activity in our area.  Glad Deven Zimmerman made it back to shore safe.



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