If Mother Nature co-operates we will have a July to remember, with a lot of time outdoors and at the beach.

One thing we want to remember is to use sunscreen to prevent sunburns and complications like skin cancer from overexposure.  10am-2pm are the peak sun times so use at least a SPF 30 or higher, UVA/UBB, apply often(even if they say WATERPROOF re-apply after getting out of the water).

One misconception is to use a lot of sunscreen every time.  Most doctors recommend a shot glass size amount should cover the whole body.  A good rule of thumb..."More often..not necessarily more"  when it comes to sunscreen.

CBS Television medical correspondent Dr. Clifford Bassett reports on another issue with using sun blockers. Some folks are allergic to the chemicals involved and have skin reactions which can be as painful as the sunburn.

If you see redness, a rash, blistering or experience itchiness seek medical attention.  An allergist may be necessary for sensitivity issues, but they can lead you to the proper formula.

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