Happy 4th July! Independence Day is one of the biggest family celebrations of the year. From BBQ's to pool parties to amazing fireworks...it's a time for families, including their pets, to enjoy each other's company.

Many of us have dogs that love all the excitement. However, your dog may be more like mine. Marley loves people. He'll let you pet and love on him all day after he gets to know you for a few minutes. But too much noise or any sudden movements makes him nervous. And loud noises like fireworks? Forget about it. He'll be hiding under the covers on my bed faster than you can point to the sky and say, "Oooooo Aaaaaah."

Surviving the 4th of July with dogs like Marley can be a challenge. But an article by PetFinder has some tips on making sure your pet stays happy...and safe.

Here are five things to try...

1. Make sure your dog has ID: Check to insure all of the information is up to date. It's good to have your dogs name, your current address, and phone number on the tag. Be sure it's secured properly to their collar.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

2. Take a doggy-selfie: Grab your phone and get some good pictures of your furry pal. If you need some tips on how to get the right kind of pictures, PetFinder has some tips.

3. Avoid accidents: Some pups are just more curious than others. Some are shameless beggars, and some are just straight-up mooch hounds. Make sure you keep all charcoal, fireworks, sparklers, and glow sticks away from your dog. Even unlit, all of those can be a problem if your dog is a chewer.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

4. Leave your dog home during the fireworks: All of that noise and excitement can be distracting for us...and our dog. While we're lost in the beauty of the display, your dog may get spooked and run off to hide. You may not notice until it's too late. And if you think you're scared...imagine how your dog feels.

5. Distract your dog: While leaving your dog at home is the best idea...your house can still be scary for your dog if you're not around and it hears all the fireworks exploding. So be sure to tuck him away in a quiet room. Leave a light on. And turn on some relaxing music to help cover the noise of the festivities.

This picture highlights a few more tips you might want to consider.


Have a happy, fun, and safe 4th of July. Make sure you don't forget to keep everyone safe...including your pets.