So I like checking out things on Youtube that are different.

I just typed in New Hampshire in the search box and sorted it by view count.

There's a lot of political videos with New Hampshire in the title, so I decided to nix those from this list. These are the top 5 nonpolitical most watched videos that feature New Hampshire in the headline.

New Hampshire Fingerboard Event - 3.7 million views

I didn't realize that Fingerboard was that popular.  But apparently it's a thing.  It's kinda cool.

COLD Kid from New Hampshire Jaythan Bosch Challenges CLEVER PG Julian Newman & Shuts Down NEO - 2.5 million views

These guys did a lot of one on one.  The kids are very talented.  Check out how great they are.

'Goat Yoga' a hit on New Hampshire farm - 1.5 million views

Two words...Goat Yoga!

Mount Washington Cog Railway, New Hampshire, USA - 1.3 million views

Mount Washington Cog Railroad...This is something I gotta do.  That's still a lot of views though.  Love it!

New Hampshire: Live Free or Die! - 829,000 views

New Hampshire comedian Justin McKinney from 10 years ago.  Great stuff, but beware there is some profanity about halfway through.


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