Pretty much not a lot is open on Christmas day. Even Walmart closes after 6pm on Christmas Eve and all day Christmas day.

Soooooo what’s open? What is there to do?

I've compiled of list of easy places/things to do on Christmas day in the area. Especially if you get bored and just want to get out of the house. Take a look!


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Most Walgreens are open but the pharmacy is not. I checked the ones in Dover, Rochester and Lee. I’ve had to hit up a Walgreens on Christmas day many times. Forgot to get the breakfast stuff for Christmas morning? They got you covered. Something about bacon cooking on Christmas morning is just so awesome!



Oh yessss!! Take your pick from "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" to "Jumanji: The Next Level" to "Cats" to "Bombshell." Check out local movie theaters at Cinemagic here or Regal here or any number of other theaters in New Hampshire. As for me, I'll probably be at the one closest to me Regal Fox Run. But what to see?

Nubble Lighthouse

Sammy Cruise

Oh, check this one out. We did this the other night. To see this on Christmas Day when it’s all lit up would be cool. We plan on doing that. And we've got directions here.



Here is a list I found of places open on Christmas Day. It’s a national list, so some of these places might not be here but some definitely are, like Dunkin' and Buffalo Wild Wings. Raleigh Wine Bar and Eatery is another place that says their open on Christmas Day. And according to Yelp, here are some places in Manchester you might just want to check out.

So fear not. If you weren't sure what to do before, we've hopefully got you covered now.