We've got the latest updates for you on the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

Here are the numbers for Friday, April 3, 2020:

According to NH.gov, in New Hampshire, there are 479 cases. According to Mass.gov, in Massachusetts, there are 8,394 cases. And According to Maine.gov, in Maine, there are 432 cases.

Seacoastonline reports that members of Portsmouth City Council are asking the community to participate in the “Clap Because We Care” event Friday night, in honor of all essential workers.

The report goes on:

Clap Because We Care events are being held across the country on Friday at 7 p.m. At that time, people are invited to open their windows and doors to cheer for all essential workers including postal workers, firefighters, police officers, educators, public works employees, grocery and government workers and volunteers.

The grocery store workers are sometimes retirees who are just looking for something to do to keep busy and make a little money.

I hope they are being careful with what they are doing and how they deal with the public.

These numbers are not going down.

Make sure to wash your hands and social distance!

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