Americans are full of questions. Some folks would argue a lot of us are full of something else too...but that's something else entirely. Yes, we're a curious nation. Thankfully Google is there with the answer for every curiosity.

A new study by AT&T found the question starting with "Should I..." that people Googled  the most in every state. And boy are there some doozies! Everything from "Should I break up with my boyfriend?" to "Should I cut my hair? And "Should I vote?"

Here in New Hampshire people asked, "Should I buy Bitcoin?"

If you're one of those folks...I'm not Google...but I am old-fashioned when it comes to my money. I deal in CASH. But what do I know. If you listened to me you'd still be playing music off of vinyl.

In Maine they asked "Should I care?" I guess that all depends.

"Should I update to iOS 12?" is what the average person from Massachusetts wanted to know. And in Vermont, the big question for Google was "Should I vote?" OMG...don't let Bernie Sanders see that!

Here's a map of the most Googles "Should I" questions for each state.



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