I am so thankful for our new performance space at WOKQ.

If you've never attended WOKQ Sessions, It is the coolest thing ever! Rising country stars swing by and play a few songs for a small group of listeners. We have a question and answer session where we get to learn a little bit about them. Then at the end, everyone gets an individual photo with the band. The day may come where that artist is performing at the Grammys and you can whip out your pic and say "One time, I hung out with them at WOKQ, no big deal!"

Waterloo Revival visited us this week. George and Cody are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth dudes you'll ever meet. They have been best buds since middle school and love being able to travel the country and make music together. They are pretty dang good at it too.

Here they are performing their single "What Guy Wouldn't".

We also have a little tradition with all of our WOKQ Sessions artists where we try to get to know them as much as humanly possible in 60 seconds. Here's our 60 seconds with Waterloo Revival.

Yeah, we had a little too much fun. I feel lucky to have been able to witness their talent in such an intimate setting. Follow Waterloo Revival on Instagram to follow their journey. Something tells me we will be hearing more from them.

Want to catch our next WOKQ Sessions? Here's a list of our upcoming performances:

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