Nothing against Mrs. Butterworth I'm sure she is a really nice lady. But nothing beats REAL New England Maple syrup. Did you know that Vermont is the top producing maple syrup state in the nation? The state produced 1.54 million gallons last year. Sounds like a lot of syrup doesn't it? That is 20% less of what Vermont produced in 2020. And unfortunately for us when the production is down, the price per gallon goes up. It's called supply and demand, my friend!

Small pancakes with butter and honey

So what's going on in the Green Mountain State? According to Vermont’s Ag Secretary Anson Tebbetts it was Mother Nature's fault!  Vermont maple producers were faced with wild weather changes, ups and downs, starts and stops. A press release from the U.S department of agriculture explained that the wacky weather resulted in a shorter tap season. The average was 28 days as opposed to the 38 days in 2020. Those 10 days make a difference!

But alas, the maple producers of Vermont are masters of their craft and have produced the most in the country every year since 1916! (with the exception of 1926 and 1918) impressive! They managed to prevail even though mother nature was not on their side. They rode the waves and produced another national leading high quality crop.

Should we all start hoarding real maple syrup in the event of a national shortage like we did with toilet paper? I don't think that's a bad plan because a syrup-less pancake, is a sad pancake.

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