Ok, this might be something you all know and I just had to learn the hard way, but it's really not a good idea to put pasta down your garbage disposal!

I was hanging out with my son on Saturday making dinner and the pasta ended up overcooked. So instead of just dumping it in the garbage, I decided what a great idea it would be to just dump it down the sink.

All seemed fine when I turned on the garbage disposal and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting the dishes done right away and not letting them sit there staring at me!  That is until the other half of the double sink starting filling up with dirty water.

It literally felt like slow motion as the water kept rising and i was waiting for it to overflow.  But, once I turned off the disposal, half of the water sucked back into the other half of the sink.  So, there I was with dirty pasta water filling both sinks and no idea what to do.

So, of course, we turned to You Tube to find out how to fix this problem. My son followed the instructions and used a wrench to open up the disposal and that's where it all went REALLY south.


Spaghetti and water started pouring out all over the floor and complete chaos ensued.

dishwasher 2

After using up every last clean towel in the house I decided to Google where i went wrong.  (What did we do before the internet?!)..

Turns out, according to mrhandyman.com, that "pasta expands when soaked in water. Given that, you can see why you might not want to drop lots of pasta into your disposal and drain where it will, after all, soak in water and keep expanding."

Who knew?!

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