I mean, it's not ACTUALLY on HGTV that I'm partially a moron -- sometimes I just get too excited too quick when reading or hearing something, and mentally jump to conclusions.

Over the weekend, I saw a headline that talked about HGTV officially unveiling their 2021 "Dream Home" to be in Portsmouth. And I was all YES! HGTV LOVES THE NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND BECAUSE THIS YEAR'S WAS IN PORTLAND, AND NOW WE HAVE ONE IN PORTSMOUTH! LET'S GOOOO!

And then I realized that I'm a total doofus and need to pump the brakes -- because while HGTV may in fact love them some New England, and they HAVE named their 2021 "Dream Home" in Portsmouth -- it's not Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It's Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Jadd. You dummy.

Regardless, it's still a decent Portsmouth. Don't get me wrong, our Portsmouth in New Hampshire is still the best, but Portsmouth, Rhode Island isn't bad, either. It's more or less a suburb of Newport, which is GORGEOUS. So, it makes sense why they'd put this MONSTROUS home where they did.

Apparently, according to an article in the Providence Journal, between the home itself (which is 3,300 square feet and comes fully furnished, by the way), the $250,000 prize from Rocket Mortgage and the 2021 motorhome from Camping World, the overall value of the prize is over $2.8 million.

HGTV released a 7-minute video tour over the weekend hosted by the interior designer, Brian Patrick Flynn. Check it out below!

Unfortunately, you can't win this as a Christmas or Hanukkah gift for someone, because the sweepstakes doesn't start until December 28 at 9a. By the way, on top of the video tour you just watched, you can also check out over 90 pictures of the home on the HGTV contest page for it!

Are you going to enter to try and win it?

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