What amount of money is worth a treasure hunt? Is $60,000 enough?

If it is, you're going to want to grab your maps and shovels, gather the crew, and get ready to dig for some treasure.

There is a $60K cache hidden somewhere along a river in Maine that is likely now worth millions. And it is yours to take.

Back in 1900, Anse Hanley lived outside of Fort Kent near the Allagash River, according to a Devil's Head Facebook post.

Hanley was a skilled whiskey brewer. He sold his spirits to loggers in Maine, but that is not where his fortune came from in the early 1900s.

A Maine Man via Instagram
A Maine Man via Instagram

Hanley knew the area of Northern Maine well. He was so familiar with the deep wilderness of Northern Maine that he knew how to get over the Canadian border and back without being seen.

So, Hanley started in the smuggling business. He would smuggle goods from the United States to Canada, and vice versa.

And that is where the $60,000 cache comes into play. Hanley hid his wealth by burying it.

To this day, the $60,000 has never been found. It is rumored that the cache is still buried near his old cabin near the Allagash River near Fort Kent.

This is not the first time a hidden amount of treasure has been found or rumored to be in the United States.

The Fenn Treasure was a cache of gold and jewels that Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author from New Mexico, hid in the Rocky Mountains. It was found by a hunter over a decade after he hid it in Wyoming.

The hunter sold the goods for over $1.3 million dollars.

So Hanley's $60,000 worth of goods hidden somewhere in Northern Maine along the Allagash River could actually be worth a whole lot more than just $60k (if it is ever found, that is).

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