A Lowell, MA man lost control of his motorcycle yesterday, and later died from the injuries sustained after a short chase on Interstate 93.

Originally reported by the Lowell Sun, 25 year old Wilson Morales appeared to lose control of his motorcycle at the entrance to the Interstate 93 southbound rest area in Hooksett, according to state police.

Earlier in the afternoon, police were alerted of a motorcycle travelling at a high rate of speed, and weaving in and out of traffic. A State Trooper stationed on 93 saw the motorcycle, gave chase, and the motorcycle accelerated speed. The article continued "After a short pursuit, state police decided not to try to catch up to the motorcycle for the safety of the rider and other motorists."

The motorcycle later crashed near the entrance of the southbound rest area. Police and by-passers attempted to aid Morales, and he later died from injuries sustained.

The rest area was closed for over two hours.




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