Living in New England, we are lucky enough to have so many great options to hike.

Two Massachusetts trails have made the list of Conde Nast best to hike in America!

MassLive reports that The Skyline Trail at Blue Hills Reservation and Bellows Pipe trail on Mount Greylock were named two of the best trails for Fall hiking in America!

The Skyline Tail is in Milton, MA and has over 125 miles of trails. says that this spot is great for both experienced hikers and novices that just want to enjoy some beautiful scenery.

They have "easy" hikes for the beginners, all the way up to a number of options labeled "challenging" for more experienced hikers.

Bellows Pipe Tail is located at Mt. Greylock so you know it's beautiful! It also boasts the largest peak in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet. lists the great trails located at Mt. Greylock and there's even one that follows the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau .  Thoreau even wrote about his hike in his book “A Year on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers”!

The Bellows Pipe Trail is a five mile hike, according to, where you can follow old ski trails to a gorgeous view on Ragged Mountain.

A couple of great options if you're looking for some new places to hike.

Conde Nast Traveler is an award winning luxury lifestyle and traveling magazine so this is a cool honor!


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