Anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to sort out the byzantine mess that is a typical hospital bill can surely relate to a Dover couple that received a bill for $52,000 while trying to avoid getting rabies.

According to, Christopher and Cynthia Thompson sought treatment after their two dogs had a run-in with a rabid raccoon. Now they're seeking an explanation for their bill without much success. You'll want to read the entire article, which highlights the cost disparities between hospitals (for example, the per-unit charge for the rabies vaccine is a $170 at Frisbie versus $1,798 at Wentworth-Douglass) and what the discount the Thompson's were offered.

My wife and I had some difficulties with a hospital bill not long ago and got much the same run around. We had a statement that didn't appear correct and asked for an explanation. We didn't get one and only received an offer to extend the 20% pay-in full discount.

I have to pay more because I’m not loaded or my insurance sucks? Uh, that makes sense."

The whole pay in full discount is maddening in its own rite as it is little more than a perk for the wealthy and/or a penalty for those of us who can't drop several thousand dollars on a bill within a month. I have to pay more because I'm not loaded or my insurance sucks? Uh, that makes sense.

In any event, best of luck to the Thompson's in their pursuit of an adequate explanation for their bill.


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