A lesson I learned as an intern; smoking pot at the radio station is frowned upon.

According to Wayup.com, today is National Intern Day. "the holiday encourages employers to celebrate, empower and recognize interns." Interning was, and still is, a great way to get one's foot in the door. Sometimes, it's the right launching pad for a career.

The summer before my senior year, I had inquired about an internship with another radio station. Previous experience had me plugging in commercials during hockey game broadcasts for the group's AM channel. Also, excelling in a Media Technology vocational class helped. While I was ready to take on the world, I nerved up at reading...the weather. Yep, my glory was reading the weather.

Over the summer, it could be said I learned the basics of radio. While the industry has changed quite a bit, many of the basic principles remain the same. One of which being it's not okay to smoke pot at work.

In a general way of telling the tale, one weekend, a staff member had decided to light up while on air. The marijuana smell permeated the hallways clear through Monday AM, when the sales office were due to have high profile clients. Hosting big meetings in an area which is more dorm room than conference room is no way to operate a successful business. A staff meeting was called, and the employee fessed up to it, thinking a slap on the wrist was in order. Note: After all, the station was famous for playing entire Grateful Dead concerts once a week. Nope, the staff member was fired. Back then, you needed an FCC licence to operate, and I freshly had mine. Next week? Yep...the intern was on the radio.

So, here's a salute to interns. If you're foot is in the door, it may take someone else's mistake to get your break, but that's none of your concern. Dig hard, and hang in there!







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