Whether you are single or taken this Valentine's Day, I am going to suggest the cutest thing to do on February 14.

You can cuddle 10-week-old husky puppies this Valentine's Day at the Scituate Animal Shelter.

"A litter of six husky puppies, which the Scituate Animal Shelter took on from Boston Animal Control Jan. 26, will be the stars of the show that Wednesday (2/14/2024), but other dogs may be available for cuddling," according to a Boston.com article.

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This is brilliant and adorable. There are so many benefits for both the humans and the husky puppies with the V-Day cuddle session.

“We saw it as doing two things at once,” the shelter’s marketing coordinator Lisey Good told Boston.com.

The puppies are getting a lot of love and attention from our volunteers, but it’s actually super helpful to give them socialization and have them meet all these different people. And we know people are dying to meet them.

As someone who has had two puppies in the past three years, socialization is crucial at a young age. Having strangers touch these infant puppies' faces, ears, paws, etc., will desensitize them to those touches. That makes grooming, dealing with injuries, and having kids easier for the dog in the future.

When they are introduced to new people, new experiences, and lots of touching at a young age, they become less likely to snap at a groomer or bite a baby because they are crawling on their tail.

So it clearly helps the dogs, but what about the humans? Well, we need some love on V-Day too. Whether you want to take your significant other for a cute date, or you are single and just need some puppy love, this offer is super cool.

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“People need a little love [on Valentine’s Day],” Good said to Boston.com. “It’s perfect, and it goes both ways. The puppies are going to love it too.”

On V-Day, the huskies will be around 10 weeks old, nearing an appropriate time to be adopted. There are also other animals at the shelter up for adoption that day. “We’ve got some great dogs and cats that have been here for a while, so we’re hoping people will go with an open mind of meeting their next family members,” Good said.

The animal shelter will allow visitors to play with the puppies from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on February 14. The cost is $20 per person or $60 for families or groups of up to five people.

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