According to the Union Leader, the new owner of a 19th-century Victorian house on Main Street has decided to paint it purple. Her plan is to turn it into an arts center which is available to those in the arts community to rent for classes, workshops, performances, and other activities.

The new paint job has been the talk of the town, to say the least. Some people really enjoy the change while others find it to be a monstrosity and an eyesore. The current owner Vandy Leigh has shrugged off the haters and retaliated with a profound response, "It is what it is".

On the plus side, it is serving as a great landmark for folks who are giving directions. "If you pass the purple palace you've gone too far!"

My thoughts? If you don't pay the bills on the house, then you really don't get a say as to what color the house is. Vandy can paint the house Fire Engine Red, Robin's Egg Blue, or Flamingo Pink. It is truly her prerogative. I personally love the lilac house. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. I think it's awesome.

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