I never knew my favorite Chicken Pot Pie was made right here in the Granite State. That is, until I saw this sticker on the Mrs. Budd's box the other day at the grocery store.

I immediately put not one, but two of these delicious pies in my shopping cart and strutted to the check-out line, anxiously awaiting my turn so I can hurry home and pop one of them in the oven (the other went right into the freezer for next week)!

Have you ever tried a Mrs. Budd's Chicken Pie? They are unbelievably good. From the crust to the gravy to the huge chunks of white meat chicken and plenty of peas and carrots. Many of you know that I'm not the best cook, but these are so easy to make, you can't go wrong! Just put them in the oven and in a little while, you've got a meal that will satisfy everyone at your table.

I have always loved Mrs. Budd's but never realized they're made right here in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Plus, as I was scrolling through the website and their Facebook page, I discovered they make many other scrumptious-looking pies.

How have I missed all these Mrs. Budd's choices for so long? I better start making room in my freezer!

'Live Free or Pie!

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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