Hate is a strong word. There are very few things I really hate. So I do my best to use the word sparingly...and the actual emotion even less. But the one thing I do hate is a thief. Sadly, today I had to deal with a thief. And not even the kind of thief I can point at and say, there he goes. He's the one that stole from me.

No, this thief was an online thief. Somehow a thief in New York got hold of my debit card number and went on a spending spree. They spent $111.34 at Hannaford. And then went to Price Chopper and spent $112. 42. Thankfully, my credit union noticed the proximity in time of the purchases, thought that seemed suspicious, and blocked the second purchase. Then they sent a text asking if in fact I had made the purchase. When I replied no, they cancelled my card immediately. So I didn't lose the $112.42. However, I still have to wait for the $111.34 to clear before I can recoup that loss.

There's really no way to tell how they got access to my card or my number. I'm diligent about keeping it in my wallet unless I'm using it. And I put it away immediately after each transaction. Even the credit union said it's a mystery. The guy on the phone told me last month a member's card was used in Japan...and the guy has never been to Japan.

Not only did someone steal from me, they also cost me the inconvenience of using my debit card. Since I had to cancel the old card, I had to order a new one with a new number. That process takes five to seven days...after paying $30 for expedited service from Fed Ex. So they've cost me time as well. And they cost me faith.

I do my absolute best to live a life that I can be proud of. I try to be a good role model for my sons, and other people. I try to be an example of what hard work, dedication, and loyalty looks like. And I do my best to have faith that others do the same. However, tonight I'm feeling angry and disappointed. And yes...I'm sad to say...I'm feeling hate.

Here's to hoping tomorrow hate is replaced with gratitude it wasn't more than a couple hundred bucks.

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