Ice Castles is an awe-inspiring, must see winter phenomenon that really does bring fairytales to life! There are only 5 in North America and only one in the Northeast in NH!

These Ice Castles are built by hand by professional ice artists. There are towers, slides, fountains and sculptures that twinkle and dance to music with LED lights!

Its incredible what goes into making these Ice Castles. Again, each one is built by hand and takes thousands of hours to create! The daily process consists of growing 5,000 to 12,000 icicles that are harvested by hand and then individually sculpted into existing ice formations. The newly placed icicles are then drenched with water. Combine that with the placement, temperatures, amount of water and wind - and you get an ever changing variety of ice formations!

It's absolutely insane what goes into making these incredible castles.

  • the towers, walk-through structures are made entirely of ice
  • each castle is about one acre in size and takes around two months to construct
  • the construction team is usually about 20-40 ice artisans
  • each castles weighs more than 25 million pounds!
  • all of the Ice Castles are next to natural water sources, so all of the water returns directly into the environment to be used again by wildlife, people and plants

Wanna go? I sure do! The family is planning to make a trip up in January! It's the one time I actually want to see ice!

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