Maine jobs hiring

According to Indeed, there are well-over 36,000 jobs up for grabs in the entire state of Maine. From being a utility pole inspection foreman, to a work-from-home healthcare customer service representative, to an administrative assistant and so much more, the jobs are out there for those Mainers willing to work.

And while most of the jobs listed would ideally hope to find someone with some kind of experience in the field, some businesses are open to whoever -- and in some cases, whatever -- they can get. And that includes the iconic Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections in Freeport.

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Equal Opportunity Employment

For years now, businesses have been required to be compliant with EOE requirements to ensure they in fact are an Equal Opportunity Employer. But that said, Wilbur's went above and beyond to lead by example with being an Equal Opportunity Employer, because according to their sign, they're opening the door wide open to all prospective employees -- including...blueberry pies?

Wilbur's of Maine Best Sellers

While the sign is cute in the way it can be read that not only is Wilbur's looking to hire a Retail Manager, but also hire a selection of blueberry pies, even though Wilbur's masters in chocolate, blueberries also pop up as a best seller. According to the Wilbur's website, the first listing on their "Best Sellers" section is a batch of their famous chocolate-covered blueberries.

Add that to the fact that Wilbur's also sells a blueberry gift basket that includes the aforementioned chocolate-covered blueberries, but also a jar of blueberry jam, a package of blueberry muffins, and more.

Levi Guzman
Levi Guzman

Although Wilbur's doesn't list blueberry pies on their website, there's a good chance if you walk into the store on Route 1 in Freeport (or their other locations), you can snag a slice of, or maybe an entire, delicious Maine-blueberry-made pie.

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